"Southern California is a living collage, a blessed diversity that fuels any creative drive. The juxtaposition that is Los Angeles introduces us to other communities and ideas. I believe this is why the medium of collage has entranced me—it is a declaration of peaceful coexistence on the same picture plane.

Like no other practice, mixed media collage has steered my artistic voice and drawn me down a path I am compelled to follow. Maps and text play an integral part in my collages which I often translate into the female form—the ultimate vessel of life and creativity. Images of the Buddha also appear in my work. I am grateful for the sentient guidance, especially during the journey of creation. All my collages begin as a simple sketch, growing complex and detailed as I sort through found paper to construct the vision. The gathering of unrelated items to create a symbiotic environment is a delight and when I can carve my own visions out of found objects I experience true authenticity. If the final result launches the viewer into deep contemplation then the work is a success and I am happy."

California born and bred, Laura Henneforth is a collagist who experiments with water-color, printmaking and colored pencil. The majority of her work focuses on the female body, abstract in form and environment, to convey its utility as a vessel for love, life and creativity. A 2005 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona’s art program, Laura cites Mexican Muralism and German Expressionism as some of the springboards to her inspirations.

Henneforth is an active member of the Pasadena Society of Artists and SoPa Artists.